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In the Strong House Inn Garden

Three pictures of the gardens at Strong House Inn with roses, hollyhocks, sunset and irises.

I love a garden…but I do not love to garden.  It’s not my parents fault, my mother is one of those lovely individuals that you can point to a plant and ask what it is and 9 times our of 10, she knows what it is.  It’s not a dislike of being outdoors.  I spent the first twenty years or so of my life existing in a barn surrounded by the horses that I love, drinking out of hoses and often covered in dirt and sweat and occasionally barefoot.  But I do not enjoy the concept of maintaining a garden.  So of course we bought an Inn with five acres, two of which are somewhat planned garden beds, various trees and an orchard.

And of course, last year we pulled out the bushes that constituted the landscaping in the front of the Inn as well as the courtyard to accomplish some renovation projects and the painting of the Inn’s exterior.  Now, we are faced with having to put it back.  Last year saw a lot of physical changes here at the Inn.  As mentioned, we started painting the exterior of the main building.  We had a new sign installed, brand new windows, a new laundry system and removed of a section of fencing that was rotting away.  So what does a gardening deficient individual do?  I’m glad you asked, we hired a landscaper.

So, thanks to her, we now have “the” plan and about ten decisions to make in order to accomplish the plan.  But in the meantime, thank the Gods for Brigitte!  My power house of a mother in law, who at 85 years of age willingly putters around the garden maintaining her iris beds, trimming the next wave of soon to flower buds, and oohs and ahhs with me over the explosion of the peonies, which are now sadly gone.  The garden is in excellent shape right now thanks to her and I hope you will all come visit soon so that you can see it in person.  Until then, here are some pictures to show off the work we have done.



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