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Indulge in Delightful Traditions at a Springerle Cookie Retreat at the Strong House Inn in Vergennes, VT.


Dates: Thursday, September 21, 2023 to Sunday, September 24, 2023


Cost: $905 per person for a room with single occupancy/ $720 per person for a room with double occupancy

To Book your spot, fill out a reservation form HERE



*Three nights lodging (Thursday, Friday & Saturday)

*Three full breakfasts (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

*Meet & Greet reception upon arrival (Thursday)

*One Lunch (Saturday)

*Event Room Set Up with Cookie Molds and Tools to play with

*Instructor Fees

*Behind the Scenes Shelburne Museum Tour on Friday, September 22nd to see their collection of cookie molds


About the Retreat:

Welcome to the world of Springerle cookies, where centuries-old traditions and the art of baking unite in a blissful harmony. If you’re a cookie enthusiast seeking an immersive experience like no other, we invite you to join us at the Strong House Inn in Vergennes Vermont for a Springerle Cookie Retreat with Connie Meisinger of House on the Hill. Prepare to embark on a delightful journey, surrounded by like-minded individuals and the tantalizing aroma of these exquisite confections.



What are Springerle?


Springerle are German cookies, traditionally anise-flavored, that go back at least 700 years in their rich tradition as special gifts during the holidays and other celebrations. Delicately crisp exteriors and a slightly chewy center, they’re made with simple ingredients and are easy to make but absolutely require that you follow some key steps to achieving the right look, texture and flavor.


  1. Embrace the Springerle Legacy: At the Strong House Inn Springerle Cookie Retreat.  You’ll have the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and heritage of these traditional German cookies. Learn about their origins, dating back to the 14th century, and discover the secrets behind their intricate designs. Expert bakers and historians will share their knowledge, ensuring you gain a deep appreciation for the traditions surrounding Springerle cookies.

  2. Master the Art of Springerle Baking: Delve into the realm of baking perfection as you hone your skills under the guidance of a Springerle legend, Connie Meisenger. Engage in hands-on workshops where you’ll learn the techniques required to create flawless Springerle cookies. From crafting the perfect dough to mastering the intricate molds, you’ll gain invaluable insights and tips to elevate your baking prowess to new heights.

  3. Explore Creative Designs: Springerle cookies are known for their intricate and captivating designs, often depicting scenes from folklore, nature, and everyday life. Unleash your creativity during specialized class focused on design and decorating techniques. Discover the art of painting the cookie surfaces with natural food colors, adding delicate touches that transform these treats into edible masterpieces.

  4. Share Culinary Delights: The Springerle Cookie Retreat is a hub for enthusiastic bakers and cookie lovers from around the world. Connect with fellow participants, exchange recipes, and share stories about your passion for these delightful treats. The retreat provides a nurturing environment where you can build lifelong friendships while indulging in the joy of baking.

The Springerle Cookie Retreat is a haven for those who appreciate the art of baking, the magic of traditions, and the joy of sharing delectable treats. Unleash your creativity, learn from experts, and forge lasting connections with fellow cookie enthusiasts. Join us on this enchanting journey where the past meets the present, and where the delicate flavors and timeless beauty of Springerle cookies come to life.


About Connie

Connie Meisinger is the former owner of House on the Hill, Inc., a company
that manufactures working replicas of historic cookie molds and newly
designed and hand carved cookie mold designs .


Connie started collecting molds primarily as a baker of Springerle cookies but
now has become interested in their history and art as much as their function.
Connie’s early inspirations include her mother’s catering work, which
included beautiful pastries and cakes, along with her grandmother, Nini, who
provided her family with holiday tins of anise flavored Springerle cookies. In
1993, Connie submitted Nini’s recipe to a holiday cookie contest sponsored by
the Chicago Tribune and was one of the winners. The then-owner of House on
the Hill saw Connie’s recipe and contacted her. After learning about the
Springerle molds available through House on the Hill, she became a steady
collector of their molds.


Connie purchased House on the Hill in 2002 and sold the company in 2021.
Connie has expanded her knowledge of Springerle cookie baking and has
gained expertise in other traditional molded cookies. She has taught many
classes and seminars about molded cookies and using cookie molds for
crafting at cooking schools and historical sites. As a Springerle specialist,
Connie has been sought by individuals seeking private lessons. House on
the Hill’s cookie presses have been featured in Martha Stewart Living,
Victoria, and other baking and crafting publications. Connie appeared on the
Martha Stewart Show in December 2011.


Now retired and living in North Carolina, she has time now to pursue her
other interests of art, reading, history and travel. Her love for the family
tradition of Springerle persists and she is now teaching her grandsons the art
of Springerle. Connie continues to teach select seminars and classes

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