Meet the Innkeeper — Mary Noel

When was the last time you gave yourself time to be pampered or time to spend on activities that you enjoy but seldom have time for?  I came from the corporate world and felt that I was constantly giving all my time to others as parent, worker, and spouse. I used to ask myself, "Is there any outlet?" In this hectic world, I wanted to create an environment where people can let down their walls so they can be themselves. As an avid quilter, creating QUILTING IN VERMONT retreats at the STRONG HOUSE INN only seemed natural. I wanted to ignite creativity, allow time for pampering, and most of all, I wanted each individual to think of their retreat as “Me Time.”

I'm just as excited as my guests when a Quilting Retreat begins. People who have participated in QUILTING IN VERMONT usually feel more relaxed and energized from their retreat. The consensus seems to be that attending QUILTING IN VERMONT retreats regularly will keep you healthier and happier. It's a big claim, but if you are like me and quilting makes you feel relaxed and de-stressed, then I invite you to QUILTING IN VERMONT where you can enjoy being you and doing what you like to do most—Quilt! 

The pictures above are a few of my favorite quilts that I have made over the years. Each year, my skills are improving and I'm taking on more complex patterns. Please bring in a few of your quilts to show off when you visit us.